Augustine Lakeshore Access Property to Close Early for Shoreline Protection

The Township of Wainfleet wishes to inform the public that effective September 27, 2023, the Augustine Lakeshore Access Property will be temporarily closed to facilitate private shore wall construction along the Lake Erie shoreline and ensure the safety of residents and workers during the project.

Historically, the public’s ability to access this area has been maintained each year until
Thanksgiving. The early closure this year is necessary to accommodate the construction of a private shore wall, which is crucial for protecting property along the Lake Erie shoreline from erosion and other environmental factors. The Township of Wainfleet fully supports efforts to safeguard our community’s shoreline and enhance its resilience.

During this period, members of the public are advised to exercise caution and stay clear of the construction area. Heavy equipment and machinery will be in operation, which could pose potential risks to public safety. For the safety of all, it is recommended that individuals avoid the area whenever possible.

“We understand the inconvenience this early closure may cause, but the safety of our
community members is our top priority.
We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our residents and visitors as we work to protect our beautiful shoreline.”

Wainfleet Operations Manager, Richard Nan

The construction project is expected to conclude prior to Christmas and public access to the area will be reinstated once the work is complete and the area is safe for public use. The Township of Wainfleet will make every effort to minimize disruptions and ensure that residents and visitors are informed of any updates or changes related to the closure.

We thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation during this essential construction project, which will contribute to the long-term protection and preservation of our shoreline.

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