How to prevent flushing back pressure

The City of St. Catharines is reminding residents about measures they can take to prevent flushing back pressure in their plumbing systems.

During the cleaning of the City’s sewer system, which is completed regularly, air pressure is created inside the sewer pipe. Often times, the pressurized air escapes without issue. However, there are some cases that air can only get out through your home via the sewer system. Typically, the air will escape through the internal plumbing vents without incident.

But if homeowners have a blocked vent stack, floor drain or internal pipes, that air pressure may escape through a toilet or vent. On rare occasions, what is often referred to as “blow back” can occur. This can result in the release of contaminated water or sewage into a home.

The City recommends that homeowners routinely check their plumbing system to make sure it is operating at an optimal level.

To help prevent rare cases of “blow back”, residents should also ensure their floor drains are clear of any blockages and that the drains are not covered. Homeowners should also ensure their plumbing vent stack is not clogged. This may require the assistance of a professional.

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