Town of Lincoln proposes truck bypass camera monitoring pilot program expansion to enhance road safety

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The Town of Lincoln, in collaboration with partner agencies, including the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and the Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS), is taking a significant step forward in addressing truck traffic safety and enhancing road safety in the community. In response to growing concerns from residents and as part of its commitment to creating a connected and safe community, the Town is expanding its Truck Bypass Camera Monitoring Pilot Program, pending council and 2024 budget approval.

The purpose of this initiative is to enhance the monitoring and enforcement of truck traffic bypassing the Vineland Truck Inspection Station on the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) between Vineland and Beamsville in Lincoln. 

“The safety of our community is paramount, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our roads remain safe for all residents and visitors. This proposed expansion of the Truck Bypass Camera Monitoring Pilot Program is a testament to our commitment to creating safer roadways in Lincoln.”

Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton

The Truck Bypass Camera Monitoring Pilot Program features two smart surveillance cameras installed along the main known bypass route, including the Victoria Avenue QEW exit and King Street west of Victoria Avenue. These cameras utilize innovative AI technology to detect potential bypass truck traffic, providing crucial information to the MTO enforcement team. The data collected is only accessible to the MTO enforcement team and complies with privacy requirements.

Initial data collected in the past six months show a significant impact, as follows:

  • An average daily increase in truck traffic (potentially bypassing) of 26% on King Street when the Vineland Truck Inspection Station is active.
  • An average daily increase in truck traffic (potentially bypassing) of 17% on Greenlane Road when the Vineland Truck Inspection Station is active.
  • On King Street truck traffic volumes in general decrease by 96% on weekends.
  • On Greenlane Road truck volumes in general decrease by 91% on weekends.  
  • Truck bypass traffic volumes when the station is on seem to be higher mid-to end of week.

While the data collected in this short amount of time is promising, the pilot project is still in its early stages and more data collection is needed to gain a better understanding of the truck traffic patterns throughout the year. 

Based on the MTO’s recommendations, the Town is considering the installation of an additional monitoring camera on King Street east of Victoria Avenue. This would further target and reduce bypass truck traffic through Jordan Station, Jordan Village, Jordan Hollow, and downtown Vineland, all located along King Street. The Town’s service provider, Rogers, has generously offered to cover the cost of installing this recommended additional camera for six months, demonstrating a commitment to traffic safety in the community.

“The safety of all residents and visitors who rely on our roadways is our top priority. These ongoing initiatives help to ensure the highest level of safety in our community.”

Tony Brunet, Ward 2 Councillor and Chair of the Town’s Community Services and Infrastructure Committee

The Town’s Chief Administrative Officer Michael Kirkopoulos, emphasized, “The collaborative efforts with our partner agencies, including the MTO and NRPS, are essential in achieving our shared goal of creating safer roadways for all. We appreciate the unwavering dedication and hard work by all parties into this initiative.”

The Town continues to implement traffic safety initiatives throughout the community, including ongoing truck safety blitzes, community safety zones, pedestrian crossovers, speedbumps, and digital speed feedback signs. Visit Speak Up Lincoln for more details or to ask the Town a question about traffic safety in Lincoln.

Background: Truck Traffic in Lincoln

Truck traffic safety strategies are a high priority for the Town in responding to resident’s concerns to help improve road safety throughout the community.  

In 2019, Council passed a resolution addressing truck safety in Lincoln, leading to the initiation of frequent truck safety blitzes targeting those avoiding the Vineland truck inspection station. The Town’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) recommended strategies, including frequent truck safety inspections and enforcement for QEW inspection station bypasses. In 2021, the Beamsville Truck Route Implementation Study further evaluated short-term solutions, suggesting camera monitoring technology to assist MTO enforcement. In 2022, the approved budget allowed the Town to lead the Truck Bypass Camera Monitoring Pilot Project in partnership with the MTO. By 2023, the project was fully implemented, with beta testing and full live service for MTO enforcement.

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