Town of Lincoln wins prestigious award for water loss reduction program

The Town of Lincoln is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded the 2023 Awards of Excellence by the Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) for its Water Loss Reduction Program. The award was presented at the Town of Lincoln Council Meeting on November 13, 2023.

The program was recognized in the Public Sector & Utilities Project category by the Water and Energy Efficiency Committee.

“The recognition from the Ontario Water Works Association is more than an award; it is a resounding endorsement of the Town of Lincoln’s leadership in innovative and sustainable water management practices. Our Water Loss Reduction Program showcases the Town’s exceptional and unparalleled commitment to safeguarding community health and ensuring the efficient use of our precious water resources.”

Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton

Overview of Town Program

In response to a slowly increasing annual water loss, the Town of Lincoln implemented a comprehensive Water Loss Reduction Program in the mid-2010s. The program addressed challenges related to aging metallic pipes, failing infrastructure, and the impending end-of-life of the water meter system. Two key projects were initiated as part of this program:

  1. Real Time Monitoring for Leaks, Pressure, and Temperatures (Public)
  2. Water Meter Replacement and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Implementation (Private)

Program Features and Highlights

Real Time Monitoring for Leaks, Pressure, and Temperatures (Public Side)

The Town implemented hydrant.AI technology for real-time monitoring, leading to improved response to breaks/leaks, enhanced system operation, and proactive adjustments to flushing and testing programs. The technology, despite obstacles posed by water main replacement, allowed for relocation and reuse, showcasing additional benefits beyond the original scope.

Water Meter Replacement and AMI Implementation (Private)

This initiative addressed private side water loss through the replacement of meters and the implementation of AMI. The program resulted in operational efficiencies, improved customer service, and enhanced technology with a focus on water and energy efficiency.

Overall Program Success

The Town of Lincoln successfully reduced overall water loss by 5% (from 15% to around 10%), due to improved meter accuracy, identification and correction of bypassed meters, proactive leak detection, and enhanced response time to water main breaks. The program also streamlined operations, leading to increased efficiencies in both the Water Operations and Finance departments.

“We are immensely proud of the Town’s achievement and recognition,” said Tony Brunet, Ward 2 Councillor and Chair of the Town’s Community Services and Infrastructure Committee. “Through collaborative efforts and the dedication of our Town staff, we have successfully reduced overall water loss and exemplified excellence in water management.”

“The hard work and commitment of our town staff and partner agencies have been integral to the success of the Water Loss Reduction Program,” said the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer, Michael Kirkopoulos. “This prestigious award is a recognition of our shared commitment to excellence in water stewardship.”

The OWWA is a non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding public health through the promotion of safe, clean drinking water and sustainable water management practices.

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