St. Catharines approves bold new greenhouse gas emissions targets


St. Catharines continues to lead the way when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), so much so that the City can get more aggressive with future targets to reduce community emissions. The City appreciates the ongoing efforts of residents to reduce community GHG emissions and help fight climate change.

A greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) inventory determined the community produced approximately 6.5 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per resident, which is below the City’s 2020 target of 9.7 tonnes of CO2e per capita and 2030 target of 6.9 tonnes of CO2e per capita. It means the City achieved the original 2020 target of 15 per cent reduction in greenhouse gases compared to the base year of 1990. It also indicated St. Catharines has already achieved the 2030 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 37 per cent, approved by Council back in 2017.

Given the success of achieving the above-mentioned targets, a re-evaluation and update was in order. The new target for 2030 is now a 63.5 per cent reduction in emissions from the base year of 2018, with a net zero target by 2050. City Council voted unanimously in support of the new reduction in emissions targets at Monday’s meeting.

Approval of the new targets continues the City’s pledge to the Race to Zero campaign, as well as achieves progress within the Partners for Climate Protection program.

Staff are also planning a survey to collect public feedback on actions that can help reduce community emissions within the city, which requires residents, businesses and institutions to collectively work towards greenhouse gas reductions.

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