City of Port Colborne launches new online engagement platform

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“Let’s Connect, Port Colborne”

The City of Port Colborne has launched an innovative online engagement platform, “Let’s Connect, Port Colborne”. This digital initiative aims to foster a stronger connection between the municipality and its residents by providing a convenient and interactive space for community members to share their feedback on municipal projects and initiatives.

“Let’s Connect, Port Colborne” is a user-friendly platform designed to engage residents in a meaningful way, ensuring that their voices are heard throughout the decision-making process.

Launching this platform is part of the City’s commitment to transparent governance and community involvement. By leveraging technology, “Let’s Connect, Port Colborne” provides a convenient and accessible way for residents to actively participate in shaping the future of their community.

“I believe in the power of community collaboration. This platform will enable residents to engage with the City in new ways, to share thoughts and feedback on projects or initiatives we have going on, and to help us make important decisions that impact our whole community.”

Port Colborne Mayor Steele

“Let’s Connect, Port Colborne” has 18 live projects, with more to come over the coming weeks and months. Two projects ask for feedback from residents, while the rest are informational and feature details about several exciting capital projects happening in the community.

Residents are invited to share their ideas related to short-term rentals, and their preferences for communications from the City.

Residents can access “Let’s Connect, Port Colborne” by visiting The platform is now live, and the City encourages all residents to sign up, explore the features, and start sharing their perspectives.

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