Council finalizes 2024 budget; City’s portion of the overall tax increase set at 3.15 per cent


Niagara Region and School Board Budgets To Follow

The City of Welland’s 2024 budget is set after Councillors provided and voted on their final amendments to the Mayor’s proposed budget, settling on a municipal tax levy increase of 3.15 per cent after assessment growth of 3.08 per cent. 

This rate amounts to an approximate $56 annual increase for an average home assessed at $230,000. Residents will also see an approximate increase of $34 on their water and wastewater bills for the low residential user.

In Niagara, property taxes are split among the municipality, regional government, and school board. Welland’s share is 3.15 per cent. The total property tax increase for 2024 will be calculated by combining Welland’s portion to the increases with the Region and School Boards once those rates are finalized.

The 2024 operating budget totals just over $113 million. The budgets are comprised of the tax-supported operating budget of $75.7 million, the rate-supported operating budget for water and wastewater of $37.3 million, and the combined capital budget of $36 million.

“Council worked diligently with staff to create a budget that supports city services, programs and sustainability while at the same time addressing affordability. It symbolizes an investment in the collective well-being of our city in the near- and long-term.”

Mayor Frank Campion

This budget marks a significant milestone as it is the inaugural one under the Strong Mayor Powers. Mayor Campion proposed the budget for 2024, which was prepared in coordination with finance staff. A testament to the collaborative nature of governance, Council introduced 52 changes through amendment motions – during special council meetings on Nov. 27 and Dec. 5 – with 14 (12 tax supported and two water/wastewater) being adopted, committing to address the community’s needs effectively.

After the first round of conditional amendments, the tax levy was at 3.43 per cent. After the final round of the amendments, in which the budget was adopted, 12 amendments were approved to reduce the tax levy to 3.15 per cent. 

Budget highlights: 

  • Capital spend for roadways; approx. $7.5M
  • Capital spend for facilities; approx. $3.9M
  • Capital spend for parks/open spaces; approx. $4M
  • Capital spend for water; approx. $5.1M
  • Capital spend for wastewater; approx. $6.5M 

On Dec. 6, Mayor Campion put forward a mayoral decision to shorten the 10-day period for the Mayor to veto amendment resolutions passed by City Council to the Mayor’s proposed budget, effectively concluding the budget process and adopting the budget as amended from the Dec. 5 meeting. 

The budget underscores the City’s dedication to the community through its strategic priorities of economic growth, environmental stewardship, health and well-being, and livability. 

Visit the Current Budget webpage for more on the budget.

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