Niagara Region starting Red Light Camera program and next round of Automated Speed Enforcement locations in January

Niagara Region is starting a Red Light Camera program beginning late January 2024. The Red Light Camera program will issue tickets to drivers who run red lights.

Earlier this year Regional Council approved the use of Red Light Cameras at 10 signalized intersections throughout Niagara. Red Light Cameras have a proven history of improving intersection safety through a reduction in the frequency and severity of collisions. They are particularly effective in reducing right-angle collisions, which more commonly result in injuries, fatalities, and high societal costs.

The Region will be installing and testing cameras throughout December and January, with enforcement beginning late January. Signs indicating the presence of the cameras will be installed and visible during the testing period, but cameras will not be enforcing infractions until they are activated in late January. A specific enforcement launch date will be confirmed once camera installation and testing is complete.

Red Light Cameras are being installed and tested at the following intersections:

Fort Erie

  • Garrison Road (Regional Road 3) and Pettit Road / Daytona Drive


  • Christie Street (Regional Road 12) and South Service Road (Regional Road 40)


  • Ontario Street (Regional Road 18) and South Service Road (Regional Road 40)

Niagara Falls

  • Stanley Avenue (Regional Road 102) and Dunn Street
  • Lundy’s Lane (Regional Road 20) and Garner Road


  • Highway 20 (Regional Road 20) and Victoria Avenue (Regional Road 24)

St. Catharines

  • St. Paul Street (Regional Road 81) and First Street Louth
  • Niagara Street (Regional Road 48) and Parnell Road


  • Lincoln Avenue (Regional Road 29) and Prince Charles Drive (Regional Road 54)
  • Niagara Street (Regional Road 50) and Quaker Road

Preparations are also underway to move the Region’s four automated speed enforcement cameras to new community safety zones for the week of Jan. 8, 2024.

The four areas that will see the start automated speed enforcement include:

Fort Erie

  • Central Avenue (Regional Road 124) between Gilmore Road and Bertie Street (Our Lady of Victory Catholic Elementary School)


  • Main Street (Regional Road 81) between Nelles Road South and Bartlett Avenue (Regional Road 14) (Park Elementary School)


  • Victoria Avenue (Regional Road 24) between Frederick Avenue and King Street (Regional Road 81) (Twenty Valley Public School)


  • Niagara Stone Road (Regional Road 55) between Concession 6 Road and Four Mile Creek Road (Regional Road 100) (Crossroads Public Elementary School)

In these areas, community members may notice work being done to install cameras and changes to on-road signs in preparation for automated speed enforcement. Early data collection and monitoring of the Automated Speed Enforcement program is underway, with preliminary information planned to be shared with Council in Spring 2024.

The Red Light Camera and Automated Speed Enforcementprograms are important components of the Region’s Vision Zero initiative which is focused on the reduction and eventual elimination of serious injuries and fatalities on the Regional road network.

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