FPO Michael Atkins trends with 2023 Viddy Individual Achievement Award

Welland Fire and Emergency Services (WFES) Fire Prevention Officer Michael Atkins has received an Individual Achievement Award by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals’ Viddy Awards.

The Viddy Awards is an international competition honouring video excellence. Categories are the products of the industry’s evolving tools, including long- and short-form videos, broadcast and non-broadcast television programs, commercials, social media videos, podcasts, remote learning, animation, and virtual and augmented reality. In 2023, the Viddy’s received more than 2,500 entries from the United States, Canada, and 22 other countries. Overall, there were only three recipients of the individual achievement award. 

“Michael’s video work across all of our platforms continues to be unique and engaging. His skill with social media is now considered the standard for how social media accounts related to fire safety education should be managed. Welland Fire and Emergency Services is proud to have FPO Atkins on our team, and his continued success with our social media platforms will undoubtedly contribute to successful fire prevention initiatives in the City of Welland and beyond.”

Deputy Fire Chief Matt Richardson

Michael’s innovative strategies in conveying fire safety messages have captured widespread attention and transformed how WFES engages with crucial information. His commitment to revolutionizing how fire safety is communicated showcases creativity, resilience, and an exceptional understanding of the ever-evolving communication landscape.

The personal touch Michael adds to his videos, coupled with his self-deprecating humour and unapologetic dance moves set to catchy tunes, goes beyond being a mere campaign – it is an authentic expression of his personality. Michael’s videos cut through the noise in a world saturated with bland safety messaging, leaving a memorable and significant impact.

You can view the impactful WFES campaigns on their social media channels found at https://www.welland.ca/Fire/index.asp.

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