Local Creativity Shines in Snow and Sidewalk Plow Naming Contest

The votes are in! After a month-long contest, the Town is excited to announce the names of its snow and sidewalk plows. These names reflect the community’s creativity and sense of humour, and Staff hope they will invoke smiles as people see these plows in action.

The Town would like to introduce you to our fleet of snow and sidewalk plows:

  • Sled Zeppelin
  • Buzz Ice-Clear
  • Ctrl Salt Delete
  • Skip the Ditches
  • Catch my Drift
  • Darth Blader
  • Snow-be-gone Kenobi
  • Scoop Dogg

“I am thrilled to see the engagement by our community during this contest. The new names reflect our residents’ enthusiasm, and we are proud to showcase them on our plows. Thank you to the residents who participated in the contest, and congratulations to the winners!” 

Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa

“Residents’ participation in naming our fleet is a testament to the strong sense of community we have here in Niagara-on-the-Lake,” stated Interim CAO Bruce Zvaniga. “We hope these fun names will encourage residents to get familiar with our snow and sidewalk plow procedures. It’s a great opportunity for families to learn more about these essential vehicles and our dedicated Staff’s work to keep our roads and sidewalks safe during the winter months.”

The names of the new plows will soon be showcased on both snow and sidewalk plows. A big thank you to all who participated and voted. This contest was a tremendous success!

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