Thorold drivers reminded to yield to green flashing lights

Thorold Fire and Emergency services is reminding drivers to pull over and/or yield if they see a vehicle approaching with flashing green lights. Signage has recently been installed throughout the City of Thorold to educate residents that the flashing green light indicates a volunteer firefighter is on their way to an emergency.

In Ontario, motorists are required by law to only pull over and stop for emergency vehicles such as police cruisers, fire trucks, or ambulances. Drivers are also strongly encouraged to pull over for volunteer firefighters on their way to an emergency, because every second counts.

“Although it isn’t law in Ontario for you to pull over and stop for volunteer green lights, it is a courtesy which helps the volunteers respond to an emergency much quicker. The green flashing light alerts motorists that a vehicle is on its way to an emergency, this is permitted under the Highway Traffic Act. Please be respectful and yield to vehicles with flashing green lights within our community.”

Thorold Fire Chief Terry Dixon

About Thorold Fire and Emergency Services

Thorold Fire and Emergency Services proudly serves the City of Thorold, providing fire prevention and inspections, fire safety education, and emergency response to the community. Learn more about Thorold Fire and Emergency Services at or follow the department on Twitter: @ThoroldFire.

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