City Reports Positive Year-End Update on Grants and Funding for 2023


The City of St. Catharines reports the successful evaluation, application, and receipt of grants and funding totaling $30,356,614 for 2023.

These funds have played a pivotal role in advancing various projects and initiatives aimed at enhancing the City’s infrastructure, services, and quality of life for residents.

Grant opportunities, comprising federal, provincial, and private funding sources, have been meticulously pursued by the City’s Grant Committee, which meets regularly to strategize and collaborate on potential opportunities. In 2023 alone, City staff applied for nearly $112 million worth of funding; a proactive approach to securing financial support for key initiatives.

“Approved funding allows the City to invest in new programs and projects, enhance existing services, and offset costs of regular programs originally funded by taxes or rates each year. This funding has helped us strengthen our commitment to building a diverse and strong economy in St. Catharines by being financially responsible.”

Kristine Douglas, Director of Financial Management Services

Of the applications submitted, the City received approval for notable funding including the Streamline Development Approval Fund ($966,696) Next Generation 9-1-1 ($867,150), Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control Program ($445,486), and funding for the St. Catharines Enterprise Centre ($413,050). Other significant approvals include Digital Main Street ($165,000), Seniors Active Living Centres ($128,100) and the Enabling Accessibility Fund ($100,000), among others.

The approved funding enables the City to offer additional programming and projects that will enhance the well-being of residents of all ages. For instance, the Housing Accelerator Fund will fast-track the development of housing units over the coming years, addressing critical needs within the community.

“Grant funding plays a crucial role in supporting the City’s multi-year budget, allowing us to plan and execute projects that align with our strategic priorities,” continued Douglas. “We remain dedicated to exploring and pursuing viable funding opportunities to further enhance St. Catharines’ growth and prosperity.”

The City remains committed to exploring and leveraging grant funding opportunities to support its long-term strategic objectives. Pending grants totaling $11,592,392 are expected to further contribute to City initiatives once finalized.

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