Local Groups invited to apply for Community Garden Funding

St. Catharines 2024 community garden funding applications have opened up to help incorporated charities and not-for-profit groups establish communal gardens in the city again this year.

Community groups looking to establish new gardens, or improve existing ones, can apply to receive matching funds from the City for up to half of eligible start-up costs, including lumber, soil, seeds, rain barrels and other materials and equipment.

“We are happy to once again be able to launch this funding program and continue our mission of promoting sustainable living and community engagement through gardening. We look forward to receiving creative proposals from passionate groups who share our vision of fostering environmental stewardship and social wellbeing.”

Mike Kraft, City of St. Catharines development horticultural technician

Applicants should be prepared to identify projected funding sources, a proposed budget, a detailed work plan, and a projected timeline. All projects must be completed by Oct. 31, 2024. The funding application outlines all of the program details, including evaluation criteria.

The purpose of these gardens is to grow produce for personal consumption, benefit the environment, and build healthier and more vibrant communities. The project hopes to reach at-risk populations by collaborating with community organizations that will donate a portion of harvests to the vulnerable sector through their support services.

Applications will be open until March 27, 2024, at 4 p.m.

For more information and to apply visit stcatharines.ca/CommunityGardens.

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