Controlled burn approved for Malcolmson Eco-Park

The City of St. Catharines and the Friends of Malcolmson Eco-Park (FOMEP) are planning to hold their semi-annual controlled burn sometime between April 1 and May 7, 2024. 

St. Catharines Fire Services have given the green light for the four to six-hour burn to take place depending on temperatures and wind direction. 

The controlled burn will promote the growth of native grass species by adding essential nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen from the ash back to the soil. It will also reduce invasive species which tend to shade out native plants in the prairie grassland area of the park. 

Notices will be delivered to neighbours and nearby schools to inform them about the burn. Residents should plan for the park to be closed for approximately six hours that day. 

FOMEP will wait for a time when weather conditions are expected to be ideal to ensure that the smoke will rise straight up without impacting surrounding properties, however, winds can be unpredictable and changing conditions could lead to some smoke reaching neighbouring residences. 

Anyone with property surrounding the park, including schools, should keep windows, doors and chimney flues closed as a precaution. Individuals with a sensitivity to smoke should plan to stay indoors. 

The exact date of the controlled burn will be posted on the City’s social media channels once it is determined.

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