2024 Tax Clinics

Looking for help with your taxes this year? Check out these upcoming April Tax Clinics hosted by the office of Vance Badawey.

Location: St. James & St. Brendan Church, 55 Charlotte Street, Port Colborne

Time: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. on various dates, see calendar below:

Criteria to be eligible for tax clinics: For individuals with modest income as shown below.

  • 1 person – up to $35,000/year
  • 2 people – up to $45,000/year
  • 3 people – up to $47,500/year
  • 4 people – up to $50,000/year


  • Valid photo ID 
  • Completed intake form 
  • Rent or property receipts
  • Medical receipts
  • Proof of any other deductions

For more information, please reach out the the Office of Vance Badawey at 905-788-2204.

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