Landscape and safety enhancements continue at Chippawa Park

The City of Welland’s commitment to the improvement and enjoyment of its public green spaces continues with ongoing landscape rejuvenation and safety enhancements at Chippawa Park.

This long-standing project is progressing through its third phase, which includes the removal and replacement of aging and unsafe cedar trees. This process involves removing the old trees and stumps, grading the area, replanting native trees, and seeding the remaining area.

“As stewards of Chippawa Park, we recognize the importance of balancing conservation efforts with the safety and enjoyment of our residents, This project has been carefully planned with a thoughtful, environmentally friendly approach to preserving the park’s natural beauty.”

Dave Steven, manager of parks, forestry, cemeteries, operations, and development

A primary reason for removing the cedar trees is that they were nearing the end of their natural lifespan. Removal of the trees also address concerns raised by residents, community groups, and law enforcement. The new landscaping design aligns with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles, promoting a safer and more open environment for park visitors.

Earlier this year, Welland’s Green Advisory Committee reviewed the project and staff implemented feedback based on their review. Native trees were selected as replacements, underscoring the City’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The City of Welland looks forward to this project furthering the long-term vision for Chippawa Park.

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