Morningstar Mill closure

The Morningstar Mill site (2714 Decew Rd.) will be closed to the public from June 3 until Nov. 30, 2024, to allow for the completion of a construction project. 

No parking will be available on site, but the public will still be able to access the Bruce Trail, located on the side of the property. 

The project includes reconstruction of the dam, construction of a new accessible viewing area in front of the Mill, repointing of the grist mill, replacing the roof on the sawmill, and a masonry repair on the barn. Foundation repairs, waterproofing, plus a roof replacement will also be completed on Miller’s House. 

Consulting Engineer: Hatch Ltd.
Architectural Subconsultant: George Robb Architect Inc.
Contractor: Brook Restoration Ltd.
Subcontractor: Rankin Construction Inc.

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