Community Benefits Charge


Project Purpose and Overview 

The Town of Grimsby has begun work to establish a new Community Benefits Charge (CBC) Strategy and By-law under the Planning Act.

What is a CBC?

A CBC is a new growth-funding tool under the Planning Act that allows municipalities to levy a charge against buildings or structures with five storeys or more and with 10 or more residential units. The CBC provisions replace the former Section 37 height and density bonusing in the Act.

Municipalities can use CBCs to fund a wide-range of new growth-related capital costs, if those costs are not already recovered from development charges and parkland provisions.

The prescribed maximum CBC rate (as per O. Reg. 509/20) is 4% of the property’s land value prior to the day of building permit issuance.

Please visit the Town’s Community Benefits Charge page for more information.

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