Council approves Waterfront Access Master Plan

Council has adopted the Waterfront Access Master Plan (WAMP).

City-hired Dillon Consulting Ltd. provided detailed research on waterfront access locations, high-level cost estimates and implementation priority aligned with Council budget cycles, Martina Braunstein, Dillon’s lead consultant on the WAMP told Council.

The 31 City-owned or leased waterfront locations were categorized into six access types: Waterfront Destinations, Community Waterfront Parks, Waterfront Connection Parks, Community Water Access, and Community Waterfront Vista, and Trails.

The public and community partners completed 284 online surveys, placed 236 pins on a mapping survey, attended community pop-ups and a Public Information Centre, public engagement Braunstein called “fairly robust in our experience.”

Public feedback reflected themes including “the importance of environmental preservation, the need for more parking, accessibility and safety, and (making the waterfront) more enjoyable through additional activities,” Braunstein said.

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